So much has happened since my last post, it’s actually a little crazy. There I was, burning up because I didn’t get Eng Lit.
And then within a week I shift to Kolkata and become a student of Modern High School for Girls and get not only Eng Lit but also a very high standard of General English and Art- get this, FINE ARTS- and ended up losing Psychology and Sociology in the process.
But losing Socio is ok because I’m interested only in Indian Sociology and Economics and my NCERT textbooks will provide me with plenty of that.
And I can take up psychology anyway in college later in spite of this, plus I’ll keep reading it anyway.
And actually, I kind of haven’t given  up hope that I’ll end up getting that too. After all, if THIS is possible- why not that? Something happened to reinforce my belief in this theory, actually.  In a comical manner, no less. xD So fingers crossed.
Anyway, I’ll be back regularly here from now on, now that the initial shock and feeling of being completely lost has abated. This blog- it helps me shift things into perspective, keep in touch with who I am. In this swirling quicksand of shocking changes it’s easy to lose sight of that. Especially in the environment of my new school where as yet I’m a complete nobody. This blog reminds me of the somebody that I am, and can be, and hopefully will be sometime in the future.
So long. I’ll be back with a story soon. Love, darlings. Bye ❤ 

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