I’m breathing again after suffocating and turning into a couch potato for a week. A whole WEEK laid waste- can you imagine it?! Especially this year, when I KNOW I won’t have time to barely even process my feelings, let alone do something I like purely because I like it! Such a COLOSSAL waste. I’d planned to watch Grey’s Anatomy, sip cool drinks, work on detoxing myself and blog, blog, blog. But because my computer turned into a relic of the 2005 era laptops, I couldn’t do ANY of these. To say that I’m hopping mad is the understatement of the millenium. I just wanted out, you know? Just for two weeks when I wouldn’t have to deal with life. When I would do absolutely NOTHING other than what I like. Doing nothing feels good, man. It’s summer. It’s warm and sunny and breezy and I’m supposed to be sipping pina coladas all day and doing nothing, starting on detoxing projects, working on me for a while. But because I couldn’t do this one thing, I had a mental block against everything else (my dad relates) and so I rotted on my sofa, watching TV for the ENTIRE DAY. I despise the TV. I watch shows on my computer at my leisure and all in one sitting, without annoying ads, and it’s easy to stop and have self control. There’s NOTHING I hate more than sitting slumped in front of the aptly-named idiot box with the remote in one hand and food in the other. NOTHING, I TELL YA. I basically became one of my own worst nightmares over this week and it was horrible. *shudder*

Anyway, now I’m back on borrowed time on a borrowed computer so let’s get down to business. I started watching Gossip Girl during this week because, well, I just told you. Nothing else was on in the time-slot other than One Tree Hill and One Tree Hill, as far as I can tell, is an insult to human intelligence. From the 5 minute clips I’ve forced myself to sit through in my motto of “give things a chance”, it’s amazing how it has a perfect blend of absolutely everything I hate about American television.

Gossip Girl, on the other hand, surprised me. I can’t say why exactly, except that instead of the soppy silliness I expected from it, it was pretty intense and rather more… sinister. Seriously. It’s scary. The power-plays in the series are not always about juicy scandals, in fact it’s more the other way round. The concept struck me as interesting, because we find so many shows that explore the fighters, and the relationships between the fighters and those at the top. How often do we get to see an analysis of those who already have it all- of what goes on behind the scenes of the glamour at the top? It’s not a foray into the over-used over-depicted corporate scenario either- instead it shows relationships and families and the intrigue going on there. And I have to say that the presentation is marvellous- through the acting, the sets and the costumes. I definitely have the girly side of me that loves pretty clothes and I have to say that the GG costumes are extremely easy on the eyes, this without taking away from the more serious aspects of the series. I have to say that Leighton Meester does a really good job as Blair. She’s the one I liked the most almost immediately in her portrayal of the character. I also liked Blake Lively ‘s interpretation of Serena’s character. The series has proved to be a surprisingly engaging packet. Like dark chocolate- sinful, luscious, interesting and with the potential to be sweet.


Notice the number of times I’ve said “I have to say” in that paragraph. It’s because I’m so reluctant to admit that I actually like Gossip Girl. It sort of goes against every instinct I have. I suppose it can be my guilty pleasure. Certainly it’s more interesting and subtle than The Vampire Diaries, both in concept and characters.  

I’ve also been reading Saki and O’Henry, but I’ve decided to take a sabbatical from books, because I don’t read books- I study them. With exams staring me in the face after completing my finals, books just ain’t gonna cut it. Of course, a long walk-and-talk with my best friends would work better as a tonic than anything, but that isn’t happening either, so I’ll just take my tonics where I can get ’em. Beggars can’t be choosers.

This blog is threatening to turn into a shows-blog, isn’t it. But since I’m in the shows-mood, just come along with me for the ride. I promise that when I start processing books again, I’ll blog about those too.

So long.

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