God-forsaken love.

New post! Yay!

Wrote this in literally two minutes. Thank God. I needed this. The sorrow was becoming oppressive. 
A nominal tribute, but heart felt. God be with you, even as you are God-forsaken, beloved.

My heart bleeds for you, love. 
Alone, unloved, your psychedelic mind throws moving pictures on the wall.
Taut nerve-ends stretched to breaking point.
Love wrecked you.
I still love you.
My poor love, breaking in a sea of sorrow, drowning in a river of blood.
I think of you from miles away
I send love and fear your way
I want to protect you from their sniping beaks
But they’ll call me wrong, love. 
An Eiffel tower you fell so hard you lie shattered on the ground.
Dreams crumble screams resound
I can’t hate you just yet, love. I loved you too much. 
In your wicked innocent abusing mind wanting to love
What thoughts appear? What swirls in that many-moded screeching shining mind of yours?
I weep for you, love. I weep for all that you could have been. Dreams crumble unseen
But they are all I see, love.
Do I bid you goodbye? Do I say my farewell? In you I found a child
A dreamer
A thinker
A man
A lover
A friend
In you i put my trust
You would think I regret it now, but I don’t. 
I feel like millions of miles away, hundreds of hands around the world fold in prayer for you, 
United by the thread of you
Wanting to love. 
I feel like it even as I watch them feed on you, even as I can’t blame the one that wrecked you
Who someday, in some unknowing way, perhaps, maybe, you wrecked too. 
I wish I could turn back time, love. I wish I could tell those who recoil
We all make

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