Of 2015 and resolutions and the Tales of Bjorn Borg

Hello, you!

Guess which of your favourite bloggers has taken up more than a dozen New Year’s Resolutions (the sacred vows that nobody keeps… oh wait, That’s a wedding.) aND ACTUALLY MANAGED TO FOLLOW ALL OF THEM FOR TEN WHOLE DAYS. Guess. gUESS.

This is a big deal primarily because I have managed to keep to my New Year’s Resolutions for these many days exactly never before this. In fact, I’m keeping one right now as I talk to you in this separate virtual space we call the cyber universe: I set myself the challenge of blogging every Wednesday and Saturday, even if briefly, all through this year! Granted, I missed one Wednesday this week, but I’m here now, whoo (boo) hoo! This is a milestone, guys. This means the socially impaired awkward self-conscious paranoid nervous me is actually growing up!

*sniff* Almost brings a tear to the eye, doesn’t it. :’)

Don’t worry, though. Over here on this blog I’m going to be just as inane and self-centred and adorable as I have always been. It’s all good.

In the spirit of new beginnings, though, I have some new announcements to make.

*drum roll* 


Yep. That’s a thing. A thing I just made. And this year, it’s filled with elves and fairies and pixies and dust! Live, with me, the Tales of Bjorn Borg, on a quest through tunnels and magic and space and time itself. It’s going to be crazy, and fun, and filled with friends from a new world, especially because our illustrator la fantastique (I really don’t know if that even is a correct French phrase or not but shh. Just roll with it.), Delaney Rice, is back! Del was responsible for all the sleek-looking posters that headed every story in our last project, Goddesses. Del is awesome and her drawings are awesome and I try and write kind of-okay things sometimes, like right now, and this is going to be an awesome project that y’all should certainly, definitely, absolutely read. And you’re also going to find out how the tennis star figures in!

I look forward to Journeying with you. :3

(Unless, of course, Bjorn Borg sues me first for unauthorized use of his name or whatever.)

Number Two: In a very non-poopy twist, from now on, I will write TWO BLOGPOSTS PER WEEK!

As I mentioned before, this year I’m focusing on C’est la vie pretty fiercely. So on Wednesdays and Saturdays, expect my shrill, annoying but nonetheless beloved voice to float across the interwebs towards you. Short and mildly insane sketches will be mixed and matched with real life anecdotes about the intermittent disaster that is my life and contributions by other, awesome people, some occasional poetry and maybe (maybe) (very very maybe) some doodles and drawings too. How’s that for a New Year’s Resolution?!

2015 began with a tragedy that made the echoes of extremism and censorship felt from Paris to our very own, very lately saffron-coloured land. Such madness does not exist in the Ogygia of C’est la vie. Throughout this year, I will celebrate my right to make my voice heard by yelling as loudly as I can on this tiny blog of mine; come along with me for the banshee-inspired ride, and together, we will drown out the clattering chains of infected minds that threaten to bind us down.

 I look forward to seeing you here.

(And that, kids, is how you combine shameless self-promotion with emotional blackmail.)

(Seriously, though. It’s going to be phenomenal. Pls make me feel less lonely and abandoned by turning up here sometimes, okay? Okay. xoxo.)

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