Why I Will Probably Never Monetize My Blog

Hello, you. It has been a long time since we just talked, friend to friend, homo sapiens to homo sapiens, one lunatic to another. How are you? How was your January? I hope it has been busy, and eventful, and happy.

As for me I spent a lot of January freaking out over something that I actually had a lot of fun doing later (make-up and artwork for a play), participating in quizzes (and winning one!), making new friends (which was lovely) and watching old friends shoot past advisable limits for alcohol consumption at an alarming rate. Here are two of the poster-thingies I did for the play:


                                                                                              Please ignore the god-awful lettering,

The best part in all of this was the fact that I held a brush for the first time in almost a year, and it felt so good, guys, so right. Damn, I have missed painting.

And I have missed you. *hugs you tightly*

As you may have noticed, my last two blogposts were not the kind I usually write: both were for competitions, so they had themes and a purpose other than sheer creativity in mind. While I certainly don’t mind directing my sometimes-existing creative urges to a competitive and/or commercial end, and while I enjoyed writing both the pieces immensely, sometime between feeling unhappy about not ranting on my blog and feeling uncomfortable with a discussion that talked about how to monetize one’s blog, I realised that neither competition nor commercialisation were in my mind when I first started writing on this nutjob of a website. There is one and only one main reason for the existence of this Narnia of ours: creativity.  Earning money was never my reason or motivation for putting up my posts. This blog is a platform for me to do awesome creative things like putting up stories and poems and original artwork, and collaborate with other awesome creative people, and talk about the awesome creative stuff other people do: movies, books and TV shows. Of course, occasionally I slip in a personal rant or two and a myriad social kitsch that I feel like I have a responsibility, as a somewhat-aware netizen, to write about, but mainly, creativity, or as I like to call it, “imaginating”, is the key reason for this blog. And I am never, ever changing that. I can’t. I love it too much.

So while I certainly will take part in competitions and put up posts of a non-creative nature in the future, that is not all that C’est la vie will be in 2015. We will have the normal craziness, and we will also have an awesome mixture of stuff like the epic Bjorn Borg Adventures comin’ up in May, and another live-reporting even coming much sooner- next week, in fact (more about that over the weekend!). There are a lot of plans, hopes and dreams for 2015, and one by one, we will resist labels and achieve all the rest, together.



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