The Doodle Project: Dreams


all I want is a twilight under the stars strung on a pole

fire on my tongue fire in my throat fire in my bones

when the city lights twinkle on i’ll be happy and drink them in when blurred cars move soundlessly across smooth broad ways the wind will weave

my hair back into my skin and yours

 warm orange will seep into our souls with mountains afire and the forest only a breath away

the rug will scratch my skin when we move or talk or sit in voices bouncing, sparkling, river-bright

across the pink washed sky across the broad silent road across the buildings with cardboard-cutout-menwomenchildren walking across glowing window panes

we’ll have found peace on a rock that bleeds

drunk god from a torn red cup

we’ll have sweated those soft sounds you make when you think you’re in love and the watch strikes three

we’ll have known realities, known them all, and found them nestled comfortably in our skin

and we’ll have found a place for our mere giant selves under this confused dumb comforting sky

all I want is a story to tell myself on the lonely days when I’m convinced the pastel is unreachable and the tears have formed a noose around my throat and i need the warmth of long-treasured dreams trickling down my throat to remind myself

i live


Subarna Final


This poem was written by the medusa creeping behind the scenes of C’est la vie (me. That’s me.) The art was created by the lovely Subarna.

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