Performance Poetry in Kolkata

Jukebox logo

Event: Jukebox 2016

Date: 23rd April 2016, Saturday. 12 pm onwards.

Venue: Payamanti Complex, Kolkata: 107.

Organizers: Performance Poetry Kolkata

The untiring oompa loompas behind Performance Poetry Kolkata are back at it again with the innovative events to get the poetry lovers of Kolkata up and about. C’est la vie, along with Saintbrush , The Anon Productions and others, is proud to present to you Jukebox 2016, a performance poetry event that combines a competitive poetry slam with music, stand-up comedy, a mini-library and a damn good time.

Key Notes:

  • Poetry Slam

The competitive category is open to anyone who wants a platform for their self-created poetry. The contest promises to be intense, with over twenty five participants already confirmed, each bringing their own flavor within the five-minute timeline allotted to them. All participants get certificates, and winners get prizes to boot.

“We’re looking to create a balance between the recitation and performance aspects of slam poetry,” says Ekalavya Chaudhuri, organizer and the dude known as Kolkata’s resident slam savant.

  • Open Mic: Stand Up Comedy

What’s a heavy dose of poetry without a light dose of laughter? Jukebox 2016 has invited Joy Dutta to perform a stand-up comedy act for the day. Everybody with a flair for the funnies is invited to join him onstage.


  • Open Mic: Music

The Muses of Greece are applauding this one. Jukebox has wasted no time in bringing forth strains of glorious melody to fill your Saturday afternoon. The organizers are encouraging on the question of sing-alongs to cheesy tunes to warm our hearts. Absolutely anyone can join in, questionable singing abilities notwithstanding.

  • One-Day Library

This is a truly unique treat for the bibliophiles. Trust our trusty savants to come up with this one!

“Participants can bring by their own books and, on a minimal deposit of Rs 10, will receive a coupon,” says Ekalavya, “They can then exchange the coupon for a book of their choice amongst the selection available.”

The partners in the exchange will be provided with each other’s contact details so they can arrange for the return of their precious cargo. “It’s a chance to discover something new,” says Ekalavya. We all know that he does not need it, what with the library at his home and in his head, but we appreciate him saying so nonetheless.

  • Story-telling: Session of the Supernatural

This is the one that I, personally, am looking forward to the most. (I know it’s unprofessional to pick favourites when you’re promoting the event, but let’s ignore that.) Performance Poetry Kolkata wants you to join in by bringing to the table your own most spine-chilling tales of the supernatural to enthrall us! Vampires, spirits, werewolves, ghouls, mistakes and accidents: they’re all welcome to our celebration of the occult, because, let’s face it, who doesn’t love a great ghost story?  If only apartments allowed one to light a campfire so we could all pretend to be in a B-grade Hollywood horror film.

More than anything, Jukebox 2016 promises to be a day of discovery.

It’s a chance to find new poetry, new literature, new music, new stories and, if we’re very lucky, some great new friends. In short, it’s the perfect occasion to start off the Bengali New Year on the right note.

Be there.

P.S. they told me they might actually have free food there.  FREE FOOD. Enough said.



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