The Doodle Project: Beauty


sometimes the woman in the mirror and I do not agree

i see a skeletal blackness, burnt,

its ripeness drying unexplored

there is a mouth, a lip, some hair, a curved waist,

a spine falling in on itself

sometimes an errant strand that irritates her nose

a freckle or two

some hair

all haphazardly arranged like puzzle pieces waiting to be put together

by a hand


 i see only patches, darkness, tears knotted and lumped, a hidden scar or two

and a whole lot of shyness

waiting to be torn away.

she speaks differently

she says


when you come close, fluttering your lips,

i see the pink of your onion skin flaked like the mosaic on a tomb

when you turn, I see the slope of your belly spreading and curving sharply to the arch in your waist,

wrapped around your folds, meeting the softness of your hair tumbling down your back

when you try to be taller, spreading your wings, standing on tiptoes and inhaling the sky, I see the stem of your legs, rising and falling, like a bird in flight

sometimes, she says, I look in the brown pools flamed by black lashes and see a flash

that travels down your body, sparkling you in flames, filling you with fire, singing through your mouth

sometimes, the woman in the mirror and I, we reach out to each other, put our palms

up against our skins.

Her mouth curves around the words “-.– — ..-  .- .-. .  -… . .- ..- – .. ..-. ..- .-..”

the shape fitting the shapes, forming, tasting a dollop of would-be truth on her tongue


grab your end of the mirror

i’ll grab mine

we’ll meet somewhere in the middle


Alix draft


This poem came from a very personal place and was partly inspired by the kickass Alix’s doodles about my post, “The Fat Goddess“. Alix created this beautiful artwork as well.

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