The Doodle Project: Life


cursor blinks

barren-brown tired earth cracks

daytime glares

shadow ripples scavenger-starved

cursor twinkles

the horizon winks

 ink spreads

stars are scattered

the black page twitches

in the dark the angels sing.

someone dabs a smear of colour startled on the cheek

someone blurs stillness-thick

someone snaps the changing sky

music dribbles, paint dribbles, pictures dribble, swell

nectar dribbles

into the grey earth, sky, scorching sun

there lies

a seed.


the seed swells

 the pod opens

buds uncurl

one leaf unfurls

just one.

seeking the sun

seeking the moon

seeking ambrosia

seeking the rain

roots reach

tendrils grow

shoots furrow, furrow, deep

soil crumbles, falls apart

stems intertwine

grooves nestle branches

then twigs

then the tip rises, rises, thirsting for the sky

reaching for the sky

crying for the sky

the sky smiles

the sun smiles

the rain touches, trickles and leaves

layers bloom

layers bloom

the grey soil nestles a huge tree, a towering tree, an emerald breathing mother tree

a tree from which just one seed falls

and sinks

into the grey earth


life begets life

art begets art

life begets life begets life begets art


Adrija final

This is the main hope I have for The Doodle Project: perhaps it will inspire you to create something, too!

The poem was written by yours truly. The artwork was created by my genius senior, Adrija Ghosh.

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