The Doodle Project: Vengeance


city of sweetness rises in vengeance

the world is sad, the world is angry, the world turns to lash in fury, rising with it

walls are carved, walls crisscross the nation tightropes to walk red ropes to rope off

brown ropes to tear down and drag back screaming weeping multitudes

more boys drown, more cities burn, more voices cry allah! Save us!

more buildings crumble more tanks roll until the world is soaked, soaked in dead

spectre of once-upon-a-humanity

the world trembles and the mountains tremble, the stars weep in the sky

and the ocean cries, “Enough!”


Echoes everywhere

but my enough is not yours

your enough tells you to send in troops to rape a nation and make every brother of peace

stand under a sword

my enough tells me to blow myself up in a station filled with backpackers and enthusiastic college students and crying children and one tired mother shouting at her child, brain-warped

others’ enoughs reject god, reject god-spells, reject those who love a wrathless god who loves

her enough leads her to a writing desk with a harpoon, begging the warriors to halt

and in the meantime, only the ocean and the stars and the mountains and the trees and the wet, blooming earth and every voice, every schizophrenic maddened sorrowful helpless broken voice in a cacophonous multitude echoing across the galaxies cries



Angana Final



And with this, we come to the end of The Doodle Project.

I feel like this occasion needs a few words, but I believe all that needs to be said, has been said through these poems and their illustrations. Eight artists and I set out on this journey together to capture moments and their emotions in various art forms. If you liked our work, if it made you feel something, took you out of yourself for a moment, then, I’d say that we’ve achieved what we yearned for.

Read, share, recommend so we can continue creating projects like this on C’est la vie with your support.

This poem was inspired by the Brussels attacks on 22nd March 2016. The artwork was done by the brilliant Angana, the creator of Apoka.

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