League of Fandoms: Clash of Titans || A Review

On the 11th of June, 2016, Kolkata witnessed a Clash of the Titans, as League of Fandoms Kolkata 2016, organized by its eponymous parent community and DESIGNZLIFE, landed in the city.

Flash Mob

And what a start it was. Sparking off the LeOFa festivities with a bang, here’s a snap recap of what went down at Clash of Titans, the flashmob that was the brainchild of LFK16 committee member Rajarshi Adhikary and orchestrated by Debarghya Basu, in association with Dramatically Correct.

LeOFa lands
Graphic by Saptarshi Ghosh of Dramatically Correct
  • The Beginning

The proverbial night was gathering at noon near Kolkata’s Simpark Mall, as the watch of LeOFa’s fans began. “We had to wait for the dancers to arrive, so we set up shop in a borrowed shop space,” said Brishti Mukhopadhyay, a witness (and co-conspirator). “Once makeup and costuming were done, we had to set up the sound and play snatches of music to draw people in. Then, the dance-off happened!”

  • The Performance

When the storm came, it was unstoppable.

The concept was to set the DC universe of comics against the Marvel one, an age-old war that was fought through exceptional b-boying skills on the streets of the city. The Superheroes of the day did battle with one another, and what emerged victorious was not any one side but Kolkata’s love for its fandoms. See for yourself: photographers Bishal Chakraborty and Ananyak Saha captured the magic in action.


With the help of the wizards at Dimensions Events and Promotions, this incredible montage of the flashmob was recorded. (Goosebumps are guaranteed from this end of the works.) Dancers Debarghya Basu (Ghost rider), Abhijit Ghosh (the Hulk), Manish Lian Chhetri ( Joker) Sarfaraz Hussain (Thor), Rishav Shubham (Batman), Raj Shaw (Superman), Prince Paswan (the Flash) and Sangram Mukhopadhyay (Iron Man) drew the crowd’s breath away.

  • The Impact

New Market was left absolutely stunned by the performance. Not even the video does it justice. “The feeling of performing with such a crowd like that and the hype that they exchanged was incredible,” said Abhijit. “I really enjoyed every bit of it!” Ankush Bhunia, a nimember of the audience, was left bedazzled by the display. “The most surprising part was that people of different ages started to get in on the venue and enjoyed it,” he recounted. “It was altogether a marvellous experience!” Brishti was ecstatic. “What I loved the most about  the performance was how in-character it was,” she said. “They pulled off the DC-Marvel rivalry without compromising the characters they were playing. Also their dedication to break-dancing and b-boying when the cobblestones were over 40 degrees hot was impressive!”

 “We were relying on Debarghya’s team to deliver, and they did,” said Shreya Saha, the convenor of LeOFa. “We’re very grateful to them for putting up this incredible performance for us.”

  • The Announcement

And this isn’t the end,  oh no.

On the 23rd of June 2016, at Oxford Bookstore on Park Street, LeOFa, along with Papercup, is hosting আঁTales: a literary meet that will include a quiz, a debate and Papercup’s Poetry Slam 0.5!

Yes, we know: we couldn’t believe it either. Turns out too much of several good things can be very, very good indeed.

There will be prizes for the winners of all three events, along with great food just round the corner, sharp questions,  intense discussions, quite possibly lots and lots of insults (who said only sailors have filthy mouths? Y’all should listen to the city’s debaters some time), and of course, brilliant poetry of the kind only Kolkata’s poets can churn out. And if we’re very, very lucky, in the midst of all this, we’ll all go home with new friends, new experiences and new stories to tell.

Kolkata’s best poets, best quizzers and best debaters will be there at আঁTales. Will you?

Literary Meet

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