Playlist for August: Music

Hello, all!

So this morning, I thought I’d gift to you some mini-playlists on the first Friday and Sunday of every month, just to set the tone. We start our months on various notes of emotions: indifference, exhaustion, jadedness, expectation. But each new month is a chance for a new beginning, and each new beginning should bring hope and positivity. These playlists are my way of giving you exactly that.

Let’s get started.

  • Up and Up: Coldplay

Starting things off with an old favourite. Coldplay has always been one of my go-to listens and with A Head Full of Dreams, I think they’ve outdone themselves, retaining the old knack for creating thoughtful, peppy sounds while seamlessly fusing current trends in music. Also, the music video is freaking incredible.

  • Lean On: Major Lazer & DJ Snake

Atmospheric music is one of my favourite things this month and in keeping with that, here’s an electronica song with cool lyrics and a great beat. Listen to this with the August monsoon making the leaves outside your window tremble and petrichor flooding your room. (Video is hella Orientalist though.)

  • Wild: Troy Sivan ft Alessia Cara

Troye Sivan’s debut album, ‘Blue Neighbourhood‘, has BLOWN UP and I still can’t believe this is the same scrawny kid whose vlogs I used to watch 4 years ago. This song brings forth the nostalgia of a youth that is rapidly passing one by. Troye has this talent for expressing very deep emotions very simply and the production is so beautiful and rich. Definitely an August favourite.

  • Closer: The Chainsmokers ft Halsey

This song falls under the complicated list of tunes in which you completely ignore the lyrics (because they’re crap) and just listen to the music instead. The production is INCREDIBLE, especially the chorus. The visuals in the video, if you’re into that sort of thing, are heteronormative AF but quite pretty if absolutely hollow. This is a hollow song. But it’s a pretty one, and it makes for good listening while you stare dramatically out of a bus window pretending this is the soundtrack to your life. (Incidentally, for nice Halsey songs, of which there are plenty, try this version of Colors).

  • Lose It: Oh Wonder

New favourite band alert! Oh Wonder is a two-member musical enterprise that has beautiful, signature ambient tunes with wonderful lyrics. The combination is so rare in mainstream pop that I nearly cried when I first listened to them. This song has just as powerful a video. Another favourite off their eponymous debut album is Technicolour Beat.

And that’s it!

I’m going to be creating these mini-playlists regularly from now on, so feel free to send in any suggestions you might have about your favourite songs, albums or artists. I’ll be following this up with an August to-read list as well on Sunday, so see you then.

Hopefully, this month’s playlist will bring in some sunshine and positivity, regardless of the weather, to you and get your August started on the right note.


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