Book Review: This Way is Easier, Dad [GIVEAWAY]

Last Tuesday, I put up a giveaway of blogger-author Harimohan Paruvu’s book, This Way is Easier, Dad: How My Daughter Saved Me From Growing Up (read the interview here). There’s just one day left to enter the giveaway and win a free copy of the book! You can enter on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Now, you may need a little bit of help deciding whether you really WANT this book. The answer is: yes, you do, but if that isn’t enough to convince you, here are 5 reasons why:

#1 It is an ADORABLE insight into a father-daughter relationship that will make you want to hug your dad immediately

Sometimes, we take the ones closest to us for granted. We forget to show that we love them, and we forget to do the little things that can make a relationship rewarding. My dad, for example, makes tea for me in the morning. My mom tries to force me to eat twice the amount I can or should. My friends drop a text at intervals, checking in. Whenever these things happen, I can’t help but smile. I know then that everything will be alright.

This book will remind you that maybe lately, you haven’t really hugged your dad enough, or told him you appreciate him. It doesn’t even have to be your dad: just someone you care for. It will make you go up to this person and do the thing you should have done long ago.

This Way Is Easier, Dad Blogger Author Harimohan Paruvu Book

#2 It has these little nuggets of wisdom at the end of each chapter called ‘Return Gifts For You’ which help you apply Anjali’s lessons to real life

Forgotten how to give your friends birthday gifts that show like you actually care? Trying to remember how to doggedly keep trying and trying at something until you succeed? The way Anjali handles her life might just teach you how. Every little incident in her life becomes a chance to do better next time. If that isn’t the most motivating thing you’ve ever heard, I’ll eat all of my non-existent hats.

#3 It’s easy and fun to read and could make for great bonding with younger kids in the fam

Got a bunch of younger siblings/ cousins you don’t know what to do with? Or maybe that neighbour’s kid who keeps dropping in and staring at you? Or maybe even, dare I say it, a tiny tot of your own? Read this book with them. Studies show that reading books to kids is a great bonding activity, and it helps them learn their languages too. With its light, lucid style and short chapters, the little ones will have no trouble keeping up with you.

(This is of course for those who actually want to be near kids. For those who don’t, might I recommend a bargepole?)

#4 Speaking of kids, it can actually remind you what is was like to be a kid again

And thus spare you from the eternal existential dread of life that all adults are trapped in. Sigh. Where did the days of encyclopaedia-reading, day-dreaming, role-playing-as-plump-talkative-hillside-shopkeeper go?

(I feel like that was too specific a description. I do not kid [lol] when I say that is exactly what I spent my childhood doing.)

This Way Is Easier, Dad Harimohan Paruvu Book

#5 It shares some valuable life lessons we could all do with being reminded of.

Would you be kind to a stranger who has hurt you? Or even a stranger who hasn’t hurt you? Anjali would be. As her father puts us all to shame by showing her generous spirit in the book, somewhere in that cold, dead heart of yours, hope will begin to stir again, along with a compulsive need to be nicer to the world. Anjali reminds us that the world is already a lonely place. Maybe we should all try to make it better and not lonelier still.

(No, really. Adults are nasty.)

‘This Way is Easier, Dad’ is the kind of book you want to snuggle up with after a long, difficult day.

It’s a stress-buster, like a cup of hot chocolate given by your mom. (Yum). It makes the world seem like a happier place.

Don’t forget to enter the giveaway! Please like+ share this post if you liked it. See you again, soon.

Photography by Riza Ghosal, who is a lovely person you should follow on Instagram immediately.

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