Hanging Out With The Cast of Biler Diary!

Movie: Biler Diary

Director: Biswaroop Biswas

Actors:  Biswanath BasuSamadarshi DuttaSanjay Biswas.

Releasing On: December 1, 2017.

Guys, IT’S WINTER. My favourite time of the year. I’M SO EXCITED. As soon as I’m done with these pesky exams, life is going to be all about strutting about in leather jackets, warm cozy turtlenecks and the occasional monkey cap, with steaming cutting chai, momos and a guilt-free cigarette in hand. (I may be joking about the monkey cap.) And the holidays! I know it’s childish to be excited about the holidays at 22 years of age, but this is one pleasure I refuse to let go of.

With so much free time coming up, what will you guys do? The answer’s pretty simple: go watch Biler Diary.


If you follow me on Instagram, you know that earlier this month, Spiktinot had been invited to a special screening of the film Biler Diary, directed by Biswaroop Biswas, at the Kolkata International Film Festival. I took you guys backstage and even shared some special shots with my friend Anumita Ghosh of The Indian Artist. And then I got to watch the film, and trust me, guys, this is a film you do NOT  want to miss.

The film is about little Anabil, nicknamed Beeley by his friends.

He is sent to study at Ramakrishna Mission Vidyalaya, the fearsome residential school we all grow up threatening to be sent to as children. (They never mentioned the fact that the school doesn’t even take in girl students. THE BETRAYAL.)

Beeley and Kanu Maharaj Bishwanath Basu Narendrapur Ramakrishna Mission Biler Diary Film 2017
The student troupe (and one teacher) being directed by Biswaroop da on set!

Alone and scared, he cries throughout his first evening, joined by his three new roommates, hating his new school and even trying to run away. Then, one morning, a mysterious new monk named Kanu da joins the school, suddenly turning Beeley’s life upside down.

Beeley and Kanu Maharaj Bishwanath Basu Narendrapur Ramakrishna Mission Biler Diary Film 2017
Beeley and Kanu Maharaj

Meanwhile, Beeley is given a new diary to write in, from school, and the first thing he writes in it is to challenge God to demonstrate the fact that he exists. (I know. Kid is hardcore.)

You would think that wouldn’t exactly get any results, right? Wrong.

When mysterious things started happening around Beeley, he begins to realise that everything he wrote in the diary has started to come true! What sort of magic is making this happen? Watch the film to find out!

Beeley and Kanu Maharaj Bishwanath Basu Narendrapur Ramakrishna Mission Biler Diary Film 2017
One of the most tense moments from the end of the film: who made the magic of Beeley’s diary come true?

The cast of Biler Diary, including Bishwanath da, who plays Kanu Maharaj, went on a tour of Kolkata last Sunday.

They chatted with fans, taking selfies and just in general having a blast. Biswaroop sir, director extraordinaire, accompanied them.

Beeley and Kanu Maharaj Bishwanath Basu Biler Diary Film 2017 cycle Victoria Memorial
The team at one of the most iconic locations in the city.

“We went out into the streets with a group of nearly 40 artists, going from Alipore Zoo, to Victoria Memorial, to Eco Park, Star Theatre, Lake Mall and Acropolis, and no matter where we went, we were cheered on by the crowds. People loved the concept of the film even before they had seen it, as we could tell by how fast the Biler Diary badges and the game cards disappeared! I have never seen such a ‘movie-walk’ happening in the city before, where actors discussed the movie directly with the viewers on the roads,” said Biswaroop da.

Beeley and Kanu Maharaj Bishwanath Basu Biler Diary Film 2017 cycle
The two Biswas discussing world domination.

Biler Diary opens TOMORROW, December 1, 2017, at theatres across Kolkata.

It will make you laugh, cry, and all those other things that films are supposed to do: but more importantly, it will take you back to a part of your life you probably can’t reach anymore. The innocent happiness of getting new sweets, the thrill of making a teacher proud, the sadness of having your illusions shattered and the joy of healing again: these are what the film is about. And even if none of this convinces you, take a listen to the soundtrack.

And then let me know how quickly you rushed to the theatre to buy a ticket.



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