Spiktinot is the personal blog of poet-journalist-soon-to-be-author-blogger and aspiring translator Rushati Mukherjee. I write about things I feel deeply about, that I hope will help others. I also review books, cover events and interview authors, and sometimes do fun projects with fellow poets, book lovers and guest writers, too.

Follow me on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to know what I get up to.

Drop an email at spiktinot@gmail.com for event coverage, reviews, author interviews and artistic collaborations.

I hope you enjoy browsing through Spiktinot.

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  1. Anushree says:


    Greetings from Litburg.

    Litburg is a growing publishing house working on books with a wide range of subjects. We are presently in search of relevant online platforms to feature our author interviews and book reviews. During our search, we came across your platform, which is in line with our requirement and thus seems to be promising. We would like to explore the possibilities of future collaboration with you. To that effect, I request you to share all pertinent details about your services with us.

    I will look forward to your response.

    Anushree Shroff,
    Marketing Executive,
    Litburg Publishing

    Instagram: @litburgpublishing


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